Sometimes the solutions are split up among the plan pages, to help in getting various parts working. Sometimes you make your own solution when making that box.

Some of the other solutions are listed here.

Click on a page number to download those solutions listed.

Page 1   The 14-19 box; The 25 move box; The Bridge; Cyrus Redblock.

Page 2  Cubey 4; The House; Cul-De-Sac; Double Two; Hadrian’s Box; Zig Zag;

             Better Odds; Up’n’Down.

Page 3  Tik-Tak-Tok; Half and Half; The 4 sun 24 step box; The 4 sun 48 step box.

Page 4  Skeptic Knots; Impossible Odds; De Vincy Box; Dragon Chest; Triangley.

Page 5  Merlin’s Casket; Interlink; Roman Casket; The Numbers Box.

Page 6  The HI Box; BboxX; Pencil Case; Tilt; Wheelie Bin.

Page 7   Brick Block; Flip Flop; Diamondback.

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