Homemade Puzzles

Fascinating wooden puzzle

By Tom Lancaster

Nine step puzzle box

By Cody Blair

Matchbox Puzzle Box-Pt 1

By Mark Neustadt

Videos of puzzles made by other people.    Other People’s Videos    Click on an image to play that video.

Grey Squares

By Ursine 100

My first puzzle box

By Ahmet Usta

Puzzle prototype

By Ursine 100

Black Nightmare

My name, but NOT my video.

25 move puzzle

By Ursine 100

Have you made a video of a puzzle box? Send me the link, and I’ll include it here.

These are only links: the videos are still stored where you put them.

Matchbox Puzzle Box-Pt 2

By Mark Neustadt

Solving the Diamond Cube

By Charles Quinnel

Little Boxes

By John Gell

Kitchen Sink

By Jim Broestler

Puzzle Box

By Mike (John Fish)

The Coffin

By Ubaldo Naaci

The Fluke

By Jan Schinkel

3D printed puzzle box

By Nate Rogers