The Phiculator.

For calculating the "Golden Ratio", from any given figure.

The "Golden Ratio" has been known for hundreds of years,

as giving an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Used in art,

but you can also use it to make boxes which look "right",

so that all three sides seem to be in proportion to each other.

How to use it:

Type a figure in the top or bottom box, press Enter and the

other box will give you the "Golden Ratio" figure.

So, if you wanted a box 4" long, enter 4 in the top box,

and 2.4 would appear in the bottom box. Enter 2.4 in the

top box, and 1.47 would be returned in the bottom box.

You can type figures in either box; it works both ways.

So, for a box 4" long, it should be 2.4" wide, and 1.47" high.

This is supposed to give the proportions of the perfect box,

but I suppose it's really a relative thing: some people might

still think "It doesn't look quite right,"...

Even so, this might help you in making your boxes.

The ratio used here is about 1.62 to 1, but there's even

disagreement about that; some give it as 1.66 to 1.

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