The Knight's Tomb by Ron Locke The Knight's Tomb by Marc Holloway Cubey by Wayne Humphries The 14-19 box by Wayne Humphries 25 move box by Wayne Humphries Big Cubey by Ahmet Usta Cubey 2 by Wayne Humphries 14-19 box by Ron Locke Cubey by Dave West Put Me Together by Ron Locke 14-19 box by Mike Flies The Trinket Box by Tom Lancaster Put Me Together by Benny LaBaw Put Me Together by Bobj3 Maze Top Box by Mike Flies Trinket Box by Dave Beamer 14-19 Box by Gwendal Sinou Grey Squares by Wayne Humphries 25 move box by Gwendal Sinou The Bridge by Wayne Humphries 14-19 box by Wayne Humphries Big Red by Bob Hall 14-19 Box by Ian Rudd The Medieval Casket by Dale DeWitt The Jail Cell by Dale DeWitt The Knight's Tomb by Dale Dewitt Cubey by Dale DeWitt Black Nightmare by Donato De Cristo Modified Matchbox by Peter Wiltshire 25 move box by Brian Pletcher 4 sun 8 step box by Wayne Humphries Matchboxes by Wayne Humphries Cubey 4 by Charles Myers Matchboxes by Charles Myers Medieval Casket by William Reinman Plain Old Box by Charles Myers Matchboxes by Kevin Wood Modified Matchbox by Kevin Wood 14-19 box by Kevin Wood Black Nightmare by Michael Stoorvogel The House by Michael Stoorvogel The Knight's Tomb by Frank and Jonas Witschel Modified Matchbox(small) by Mark Stevenson Modified Matchbox (large) by Mark Stevenson Matchbox by Phillip Carey Hadrian's Box by Phillip Carey The Matchbox by Angel Hadrian's Box by Billy O'Neil Matchbox 2 by Shane Sidebottom The 14-19 Box by Dave Cutliff Burrs and Flatpack by Dale Thompson Cubey 2 by Helen Cook Black Nightmare by Charles Myers Modified Matchbox by Jason Wratten Cubey by Gwendal Sinou Merlin's Casket by Charles Myers The Jail Cell by Frank Witschel Cul-De-Sac by Frank Witschel Modified Matchbox by Kraig Sederquist Better Odds by Keith Goddard 25 move box by Jerrel Petersen Cyrus & Tik-Tak-Tok by Kenny Drabble Modified Matchboxes by Dave Greer The House by Dave Greer Coffee Table by Hannah Avery Coffee Table by Hannah Avery Modified Matchbox by Jason Wratten The Bridge by Keith Goddard Cubey by Bruno Pena Tik-Tak-Tok by George Oliver Cubey by George Oliver Cubey 4 by George Oliver 4 sun 48 step box by Keith Goddard The Bridge by Graham Smith Plain Old Box by Graham Smith Matchbox by Graham Smith Matchbox by Wolfgang Kramarik Black Box by Mark Wood 4 sun 48 step box by Richard Melker Cubey By Christian Kuhl Cubey by Kay Sammer Take Me Apart by Brian Menold Little Box and The Shield by Matt Cooper The Bridge by John Drewes Roman Casket by John Drewes Tik-Tak-Tok by Bruce Boettjer 5 sun 44 move box by John drewes Quarter Box by Oneil Long De Vincy Box by James Randall Codex or Crptex by Jason Wratten Cubeys by John Drewes Cyrus Redblock by John Drewes Matchboxes and crate by John Drewes Knight's Tomb by Lyle Krug Cubey by Bradley Matheus Hadrian's Box by Craig Nicko Hadrian's Box by Craig Nicko Matchbox by Ron Locke Byte Box by Stanley Polichnowski Interlink by Nick Peace Sarcophagus by Peter Hardy Cyrus Redblock by Dale Vernotzy Sarcophagus by Ron Locke The Dice Box by Peter Hardy Dragon Chest by Dale Vernotzy Wee Giftie by Peter Hardy Byte Box by John Drewes 4 sun 53 step box by John Drewes Diamondback by Palladino Salvatore Wee Crypty by Valentine Chapman Modified Matchbox by Palladino Salvatore Boxes by Charles Quinnel 4 sun 53 step box by Salvatore Palladino Police Puzzle Box by Valentine Chapman Pyramid by Charles Quinnel Diamond Cube by Charles Quinnel Grey Squares by Stuart Berry Cubey 1 by Donald Nichols Spider by Charles Quinnel BboxX by David Hocherman Helter Skelter by David Hocherman Cyrus Redblock by David Hocherman Pentagon Ball by Charles Quinnel Treasure Chest by Chris Peterson Cyrus and Matchbox by Keith Greffe Matchboxes by D. Ian Stuart Cyrus Redblock by D Ian Stuart Jenny by D Ian Stuart Astronomical Odds by Nate Rogers Duets by Helge Rustad Merlin's Casket by Jason L. Selburg Modified Matchboxes by Herb Diablo by Jason Selburg Four boxes by Dewyshadow Box by William Ware Merlin's Casket by Luis Mendez Black Nightmare by Luis Mendez Matchbox by Luis Mendez Boxes by Benno Baatsen More Boxes by Benno Baatsen Rupert Bear House by William Ware Cyrus Redblock by David Hocherman Modified Matchbox by David Hocherman David Hocherman Jewelry Box Roman Casket by David Hocherman Interlink by David Hocherman Boxes by Dave Rust Cigar Boxes by Dave Rust Whimsy by Pascal Hemerik Trick Box and Modified Matchbox by Pascal Hemerik Sarcophagus by David Hocherman (Link) My Boxes by Diego Isaias Schram Steger Sarcophagus by Paul Brantner Trick Boxes by Dale Vernotzy Boxes by Dave Ratynski Diamond Cube by Bill Anderson More Diablo Details by Jason Selburg Modified Matchbox by Mike Hollander Merlin's Casket and Stripey by Daniel Alsmeyer Dice Boxes by Daniel Alsmeyer Money Boxes by Daniel Alsmeyer E-Books by Daniel Alsmeyer Stripey by David Hocherman Dice Boxes by Daniel Alsmeyer Jenny by Daniel Alsmeyer Merlin's Casket by Mark Seasholes Matchbox by Mark Seasholes Daiblo by Daniel Alsmeyer China Box by Daniel Alsmeyer Dragon Chest by Gyuri Fonyo Dragon Chest by James Skeptic Knots by Daniel Alsmeyer Blok by Daniel Alsmeyer Whimsy by Daniel Alsmeyer Interlink by Daniel Alsmeyer Fingers by Daniel Alsmeyer Black Nightmare by Deniss Vidanov Cubey by Daniel Alsmeyer Cubey 4 by Daniel Alsmeyer Black Nightmare by Daniel Alsmeyer Chinese Torture by Daniel Alsmeyer De Vincy Box by Deniss Vidanov The Inca Box by Daniel Alsmeyer Brick Block by Daniel Alsmeyer Sarcophagus by David Pet Roman Casket by Jan Schinkel The Fluke by Jan Schinkel Cubeys by Bob Hincke