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Trigger-type clamps

Welcome to Homemade Puzzles.
I’m Bruce Viney and I  live in England.
I make puzzles boxes of my own design, and find it interesting
the different ways there are to open a simple box..

Why are some plans free?
The simpler plans are free because they’re easier to make;
just about right if you’re starting out making puzzle boxes.
The paid-for plans for the puzzle boxes are a little harder to make,
because there’s more moves, or very precise cutting to do,
or a lot more pieces involved, and quite often, all of these.

Every plan is made into a box to ensure that it works.
These puzzle boxes can turn out to be pretty good, and
there is the satisfaction of having made them yourself.

Photo Guide

A 4 page guide, with 20 photos, showing the

steps to assemble an Oriental style puzzle box.

Click here

What tools do you need to make these puzzles?

A tenon or mitre saw: a drill: small hammer and small

chisels: a file and sandpaper: wood glue: small clamps:

stain, varnish, paint or lacquer, and a paint brush.

That’s really all you need.


Like to show  your tools? Send me a photo to include here.

What do the plans I work from look like?   Click here

Cutting Lists for Money Box,  Dice Box and Jenny.

Supplied by D. Ian Stuart.

Click Here

This is an xlsx file: you need Excel to open it.

Want to make the perfect box?
Try this:
The Phiculator
What it is, and how to use it:
The Phiculator  Info
If you own a:
Ferm, Berlan, Brunel, or Titan 
Scrollsaw, then you could use this:
Pinless Blade Clamp Modification
Get it here

Modified Matchbox Calculator.

Supplied by Adam Trabka.

Click Here

This is an xlsx file: you need Excel to open it.

Matchbox 3D Files.

Matchbox 9mm drawings.pdf

Matchbox  9mm in Sketchup.skp

You will need Sketchup to open the skp file.

Supplied by Mark Seasholes.


Hints and Tips

Using Patterns

Making T-Gauges

What are  T-Plans

Veneer Making for Japanese Boxes.   (Video)

Drawing Veneer Patterns for my boxes.  (Video)